AnuragJha Creations abbreviated as AJC is a Film Production Company as well as Music Label that specializes in motion picture production and distribution. Our Films are available on widely on major over-the-top platforms locally as well as internationally. We also specialize in Music Production and Distribution with our work freely available to listen on all the music streaming platforms. As a Film Production Company, our belief is to make cinema that is versatile, different and artistically beautiful. Sitting in between Nagpur city since its inception, our target is to boost entertainment & film industry by giving opportunity to young and fresh as well as unrecognized talent waiting for a platform or a medium to showcase their talent/work.

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Founding Members

Anurag Jha


Anurag Jha is an Actor known for his films like Tallukh & DRE7MS and TV Shows like The Fantasy Element. He founded AnuragJha Creations in 2018 and later AJCPlay in 2022.

Siddhant Dingalwar

Director of Photography

Siddhant Dingalwar is a Cinematographer and Director of Photography hailing from Nagpur. He is working with AJC since its Inception.